Adults At IABC

Sunday Morning Small Groups

8:15 am:  Classes for Senior Adults 

9:45 am:  Classes for all ages

11:00 am:  Classes for Senior Adults

Wednesday Night Seminary

      with Pastor Steve McMeans

A lot of us know bits and pieces of the Bible but do not have a grasp of the entire book or how all the pieces fit together. This extended study will attempt to give an overview of the entire text touching on every one of the 66 books of the Bible. We will alternate between the Old & New Testament beginning this semester with The Pentateuch (genesis through Deuteronomy) and the Gospel. 

Adult Discipleship

Discipleship Classes meet mainly on Wednesday evenings but meet on other days as well.

Financial Peace University

Leaders: Mark McVay & Aaron Eugenis

Start the journey into financial peace, dumping debt and creating a legacy for your family. Dave Ramsey's baby steps will put you on the road to life changing habits.

Email to register or call the church office at 806-797-9704.

We believe God's Word is tranformative and once again invite you to join the staff in reading God's Word daily. There are a few different plans to choose from in 2021.