"Praise The Lord with the the harp; make music to Him on the ten-stringed lyre. Sing to Him a new song, play skillfully, and shout for joy." Psalm 33:2-3

For any information on Christian Arts please contact Angie.Gallegos@iabc.org

A wonderful way to use the musical gifts God has given!

                       Choir Rehearsal Schedule                                                                                             Band Rehearsal Schedule

             6:15 pm in Room 112 (Choral Choir Only)                                                                      7:00 pm in Worship Center (10:50 Service)

                            7:00 pm in Room 112                                                                                       7:30 pm in Worship Center (9:30 Service)

                      7:30 pm in the Worship Center

                   Want to Join our Band or Choir?                                                                                            Audio/Media Tech?

     If you sing, play guitar, drums, or percussion, we would                                           Each week volunteers serve to enhance the worship service

         love for you to get involved in the worship group.                                                      with lights, video and sound. We are always looking for

               Auditions are required, please fill out the                                                                creative people to add to our worship team. Please

                      Worship Questionnaire below.                                                                                   fill out the Media Questionnaire below.

Christian Arts Media Questionnaire                                                                                                                   Prayer Requests                                        Christian Arts Worship Questionnaire                                                                         We would love to pray for you. Click Here to send a prayer request.

Childcare Reservations                                                                                                  "And if we know that He hears us - whatever we ask - we know

                                                                                                                                                  that we have what we asked of Him" 1 John 5:15