Join IABC's ministers and staff in reading the Bible daily in 2020. Pick one of the nine plans below that interest you. We would like the opportunity to occasionally communicate with you throughout 2020. Please let us know which plan you are following by using the Truth & Transformation form.

Printed copies of the plans are in the Commons or you may view and print the plans below in PDFs.

Highlights Of The Scripture

with Steve McMeans

Join Pastor Steve in reading your Bible five or six days every week (with an extra day or two to catch up if needed). We will read select passages alternating between the Old and New Testaments.

The Gospels

with Tommy Martin

Tommy will read the Four Gospels during 2020. Pick up your Bible and read a few paragraphs each day as you learn more about Jesus.

Psalms & Proverbs

with Josh Maple

Josh will read through Psalms and Proverbs concurrently. Open your Bible to the middle and you're in Psalms. Simply turn left for chapter one and join Josh in reading the "music" of the Bible.

Bible Studies For Life

with Brenda Loftus

Brenda will be reading scriptures daily that correspond to the Bible stories the children will hear in Sunday School. There will also be two Bible stories for the week which can be read on any day.

The New Testament

with Russ Murphy

Russ will read through the New Testament a chapter at a time beginning in Matthew.

Chronological Bible

with Karen Salvato

Do you wonder what order things happened in the Bible? If yes, join Karen in reading through the Bible in chronological order.

Truth For Life

with Michael Corallo

Join Michael in reading a few chapters together with your family and a few chapters personally each day to make it through the entire Bible in one year.

Bible - Audio

with Brad Treadwell

Brad will follow along while listening to an audio of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. We'll begin with one chapter per day and grow to four chapters as the year progresses. We'll read at least five days each week.

Bible In A Year App

with Travis Bailey

Download the free app Bible in One Year from your app store and read through the Bible in 2020 with Travis.