Weekly Schedule

Sunday School  

    Middle School

        9:30 - 10 minute party

        9:40 - Large Group

       10:10 - Start Small Group

       10:40 - End Small Group and Head to 10:50 service

    High School

        9:30 - 10 minute Party

        9:40 - Small Group

        10:10 - Start Large group. Music, Lesson, Announcements

        10:40 - End Large Group and Head to 10:50 Service

Student Sunday Nights

     Students meet in the Summit from 5:45 - 7:30 pm

Summer Wednesday Nights

     Wednesday nights in the summer are not routine but will vary from week to week.

     Watch the website under events, the weekly, sign up to receive our texts (link for information on the Events page)

     and emails for summer Wednesday night details.