Upcoming Events

5:42 Gatherings in the Spring

Wednesday, March 7, & April 18

6:30-7:30pm in the Summit

This is an outreach opportunity; invite a friend!

All students eat free at 5:42pm.

2018 DNOW

March 23-24

Speaker: Chad Word

Worship: Will Becker and the IABC College Band

Kick off Wednesday, March 21

Registration envelopes available in the Summit! 

Online registration for DNOW and DNOW/Camp Combo

2018 Student Life Summer Camp

June 4-8

Estes Park, Colorado

Speaker: Ben Trueblood

Worship: Stephen Cole Band

Travel Plans: Overnight in Colorado Springs on Sunday, June 3

Click here for the 2018 IABC Medical Release Waiver

Information for High School, Middle School & Parents to receive texts from the Student Ministry

High School

Middle School


Questions?  Please call the Student Ministry Office, 797-9704.